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Knitting Nature Paperback Cover: Behind the Scenes

Norah Gaughan’s Knitting Nature is a beloved classic here at STC Craft. With 39 patterns inspired by nature, it has continued to inspire knitters since it was published in 2006. And now we’re releasing it in paperback! But we faced a tough question: Stick with the original cover (which we all loved) or spice it up with something new?

We started by trying the hardcover image with a new “STC Craft Classic” graphic to set it apart.


But the novelty of a new image won out, and our talented designer, Anna Christian, started experimenting. A favorite was this sweet image of our littlest model wearing mittens, but we decided against it in the end because of a couple of concerns: Would it look like a kid’s book? Was the spirit of the book really apparent in this image?

Another popular option was this gorgeous image of a model posed at the base of a tree. This photograph says so much about the book, especially in the way the lines of the tree are echoed in the model’s sweater.  

But ultimately, we felt this image (while stunning) isn’t really cover material. It’s a tad too subtle, and the scale of the tree dwarfs the sweater design.

And so we came to the clear winner.


We all love the bold colors and interesting perspective of this choice. It really grabs one’s attention; don’t you think?

Do you agree with our choice, or do you have another favorite here? 

Reader Comments (2)

I LOVE the one with the tree.. it leaves a perfect home for the title and relates so perfectly to the subject of the book. I think the one you chose is lovely too... and a little brighter.. but the tree one is just so nice.

Hi Brooke,
I know, that tree image is amazing. I remember the day I received the film for this book from Thayer (back in the days when we received film). As soon as I saw that image, I thought, that's the cover. We seriously considered it for the hardcover and then, again, for the paperback. Always a bridesmaid, I guess.

April 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrooke Reynolds

WOOOT! Knitting Nature in paperback!! Can you tell I'm thrilled? I think you made a good choice for the cover, a bit of a natural setting with a colorful knitted garment. The "mitten kid", while charming, doesn't say much about the rest of the content; the oak tree just dwarfs the sweater. So, this paperback is available now? Mother's Day is right around the corner, I should drop some hints!

April 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCeltChck

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